Have you tried these Mexican home remedies for the flu?

Yesenia Soto, Photographer

With the flu outbreak all over the country, Seward County Community College students have suffered just like the rest. Students, faculty and staff have all missed classes. Elementary and high schools in the area have even shut down to disinfect the buildings.

News reports the outbreak this year is at an all-time high. In some areas in Kansas, there’s even been a shortage of Tamiflu to help those suffering. So, in the midst of this flu season, here are four home remedies that are sure to help you beat the flu as quickly as possible!

1. VapoRub

If you are Hispanic then, more than once in your life when you were a child your mom put Vicks on you when you had the flu or were just sick in general.  Vicks VapoRub was put on your chest, feet, nose, and sometimes even underneath your eyes so your sinuses could absorb it.  Even though the purpose of Vicks VapoRub is to help suppress your cough and act as an analgesic, you were often told that it was medicine that would cure your flu and that you needed a lot of it on for it to work.

2. Honey tea

When you are down with the flu, a nice warm drink will help soothe your body.  Many Mexican moms will suggest you drink chamomile tea with lemon and honey.  The chamomile tea will help you rest and get a goodnight’s sleep.  The lemon will help fight off the flu and help your stomach feel better.  The honey is to help soothe your sore throat and to coat it so it doesn’t ache in the morning.

3. Caldo de pollo

Sometimes when you are sick with the flu all you want to do is enjoy a nice hot bowl of soup or stew.  If you happen to be Mexican then your mom probably makes her famous caldo de pollo (Chicken stew).  The caldo de pollo is made of chicken, chicken broth, carrots, potatoes, cilantro, and white rice.  Also, if you don’t finish your caldo they will tell you drink the broth because it has all the vitamins that will cure the flu.

4. Egg remedy

The egg remedy is to do the sign of the cross all over your body so all of the flu can go into the egg and get out of your body.  After, doing the sign of the cross all over your body you are supposed to crack the egg into a cup.  Next, you are to put a cross, usually made out of a broken toothpick, over the yolk of the egg to war off the flu from going back into your body.  After a few days, you are to throw away the egg in the trash or down the toilet.