Nine things you need to know about SCCC


Amberley Taylor

Check out this story for nine things to help you at the start (and throughout) the school year.

Michelle Mattich, Co-Editor

College can be scary or interesting, depending on your outlook on life, but at Seward County Community College, things run differently. Here are nine things that you need to know about SCCC before you step foot on campus:

9. Students get discounts.
Use your student I.D at certain places around town to save some cash. Ex: Pizza Hut offers a 40% discount to students who show their I.D every Thursday. Use it at the movie theatre or even at the bowling alley.

8. Make sure you join a club.
Whether it would be to get your tuition grant or to just not be a loner, clubs are great! Don’t see a club that you like? Create one.

7. Meal cards work at Louie’s Cafe.
Cafeteria food got you down? Louie’s has more tasty food options.

6. Free coffee Tuesday at the bookstore.
Winter is coming and we could all use something to warm us up, so check out the Bookstore on Tuesday’s for free coffee. They also have hot chocolate and tea for non coffee drinkers!

5. Expect nappers everywhere.
That’s right, people take naps just about everywhere: in their cars, in the hallway and even the corners of the library. Don’t disturb them, that’s just rude.

4. If you show up to class, you will at least get a passing grade.
Many teachers have attendance as part of their grade so make sure to get those points in so when you bomb a test, it won’t hurt you (as bad).

3. Parking is a hassle, don’t expect a regular parking spot.
In the beginning, people park just about everywhere and the front gets so full that you won’t find a parking space. But thankfully, by midterms it begins to die down and parking becomes less chaotic.

2. Wait until you get to your classes to see if you need to buy/rent your books.
Some teachers do not require you to buy or rent the book because they incorporate it into their power points. Yay for saving money!

1. The cafeteria food is only good the first half of the semester.
After eating three meals a day in the cafeteria for months, you begin to grow accustomed to the food and it just gets old and boring. Load up on snacks for your room.