Sudden changes affect cafeteria


Crusader File Photo

Sudden changes happened in the cafeteria on Feb. 12 due to personnel issues. Along with personnel changes, there will be many new amenities added for students.

Annette Meza, Copy Editor

New changes were implemented regarding the Seward County Community College cafeteria staff immediately on Feb. 12. Three members of the cafeteria staff were released which lead to bringing in new management and new menus for the students.

Great Western dining delivered unfortunate information to leaders of SCCC, which lead to the decisions being made by SCCC president Ken Trzaska. New members will be joining Great Western Dining, the service the college contracts to serve its students and staff.

“The changes reflect our commitment to having an experience for the students thats top notch. From housing, to food, to what’s happening in the classrooms, to what’s happening on campus.” Trzaska stated.

The reasons behind the changes stayed confidential, due to personnel reasons but, “It was the right decision to make and it was a decision supported by Great Western Dining,” Trzaska said.

Aside from new members joining the team, new food and new menu options will be available such as new pizza options, a panini maker and other new appliances will be arriving to Louie’s Place.

“We need this new energy and new creativity, so that the full dining experience that extends into housing will be apart of the growing process. It is unfortunate, but if we continue to look at the bigger picture and the need to improve, then it’s a good change,” Trzaska said.

There were multiple factors that weighted this decision, Trzaska said, “We are trying to create a better vibe and more consistency with what we do and how we do it.”

Changes were noticed immediately by students on Feb. 12 when they lined up for dinner.

“I did hear that students were happy about things that changed about yesterday’s dinner and today,” Trzaska said. “There is a lot of energy out there already, they’re doing a really good job. You could tell the difference in the quality and care.”