Hawaiian hotspot provides relief from Kansas heat wave

While most SCCC students were scorching in temperatures above 100 degrees this July, Nakita Martinez and her best friend Erika Pacheco were enjoying cool ocean breeze on a beach in Kauai, Hawaii.

Martinez and Pacheco began their trip in Kauai from July 10-17 by staying at a luxurious beach resort complete with four pools with water slides and an amazing view of the ocean. The 5 hour time difference did make the girls have jet lag, but it could not stop them from having a great time. They went on a helicopter ride around the island, snorkeling, swam with dolphins and relaxed on the beach.

Martinez says her favorite part of the trip was the boat ride because she could go snorkeling in the ocean, see dolphins, and see the “pretty views,” both in and above the ocean. Among the different plants and scenery, they also saw the critically endangered Hawaiian monk seal, dolphins and even met professional surfer Bruce Irons.

Martinez and Pacheco wanted to go on an once-in-a-lifetime experience and Hawaii was their dream vacation spot. This past summer, their schedules finally allowed them to go.

Everything is different in Hawaii compared to Southwest Kansas, especially the weather. As Kansas sizzled with heat during the middle of July, every day in Hawaii felt “perfect,” according to Martinez. For example, when it was around 110 degrees in Kansas, it was only in the mid-80s in Kauai.

Some tips that Martinez gave for anyone interested in traveling to Hawaii are to “bring lots of money, don’t forget your tennis shoes, and bring tons of sunscreen. I got really burnt!”

The beach resort in Kauai that Martinez and Pacheco stayed at for a week.
The beach resort in Kauai that Martinez and Pacheco stayed at for a week.