Lady Saints strive for a return to softball nationals

The Lady Saints started the fall season with 4-1 at the Dodge Tournament this weekend. The Lady Saints softball team has six returning sophomores out of 20 players this year, and, according to Coach Andrea Gustafson, they are good leaders on and off the field. “We don’t focus through practices and scrimmages,” Coach Gustafson said one of her biggest concerns was. Gustafson wants a team that can compete well, so they can get back to nationals. The team made it in 2009 and 2010, but failed to make it last season. Gustafson has made this her goal for the season. Sophomore and education major Blaire Taylor has the same goal in mind. She wants to go to nationals and beat Butler this year. She has been playing softball for 15 years and is from Edmonton, Canada. “My dad has always coached and got me into it,” Taylor said. “My sister always played and I wanted to be better than her.” Another goal Gustafson wants to meet includes having her team improve throughout the season. “I see alot of potential,” Gustafson said. Gustafson sees they work well together as a team and she likes what she sees. Having the team go to nationals and having them improve everyday is what Gustafson is most looking forward to.