Ask Crusader: I need a job! Help!


Crusader Staff

Dear Crusader, I have been searching for a job for quite some time and I just want to know if you guys have any suggestions or if anyone is hiring!? HELP

Dear Job Seeker, 

Ahhh, a college student looking for some decent money. Every college student wants to collect some decent money to make it through college…me too. So I have a few tips to help you get started.

First off, there are work-study options here on campus. It’s minimum wage and you can only work 10 hours, but it can help you get started on making a couple bucks. They also plan around your class schedule. You can check with Faye Zimmerman from Financial Aid to see what is currently available or check online on the student portal. To qualify for work-study, you need your FAFSA application filled out and have been awarded work study. At SCCC, almost everyone qualifies for work study.

Work Study options that are currently open and big needs:

  • Wellness Center Lifeguards (you need lifeguard training and certification to apply)
  • On campus Security
  • Academic Career Advising
  • Business Division

You can also check bulletin boards around campus to see what jobs are available from all around Liberal. Sometimes in the student portal, they post job options in the SCCC classifieds.

If a job requires a resume, you can ask TRiO for resume help or the Business and Industry program will also have job fairs and resume writing helps, too. Ask Norma Jean Dodge about it (you can find her at the tech school). 

For more job suggestions, I suggest Dillons as one of your options. They have a pretty good salary, as well as scholarship opportunities. McDonald’s also has scholarship opportunities. There are a few job positions at the hospital that require a high school degree or GED as highest education. IHOP is always hiring for servers. The last option I found was the airport. They’re also in need of security officers.

These are just options. A little hint in the job hunt is to make sure it works with your class schedule. You don’t want to get bogged down and behind in school.

Well, I hope this helped you job seekers out there and remember, when at the interview, don’t say “I just wanted the money.” That’s plain wrong. Instead, say “I simply want to acquire currency for my schooling.” It’s true and shows that you are working hard to improve yourself.

Happy Job Seeking! 


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