Tech school to try on policy for uniforms

The question of whether or not the technical school students will be wearing uniforms has been answered. Larry McLemore, division chair of Industrial Technology Division, confirmed that the Seward County Technical School is in fact working on uniforms for students. These will not be like usual uniforms. McLemore believes that since jobs and skilled labor require uniforms, having the students wear uniforms that relate to their field of study will build unity between students and the professional programs. “This is a way to help engage students in the real picture,” McLemore said. For the time being, this is only a pilot project. The school is going to provide a few uniforms that students can purchase if they choose to. If the pilot project has successful results, uniforms will required by programs of study. So for now, the school has been taking requests from students. They can then begin the process of finding good quality and reasonably priced uniforms that will appeal to the students.