Why online schooling is coolio

Former homeschooler gives funny take on ‘homeschooling’ college

William Swanson

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Josh Swanson homeschooled for most of his life. He breaks down the study process for those who are now taking on this role for the first time in their lives as part of Seward County Community College’s “stay-at-home” classes.

Classes, which were slated to start back up on the 16th, officially moved to an online format starting March 23 via announcement by SCCC President Ken Trzaska on March 13. After the announcement, some felt discouraged and resorted to having a good, manly, cry in the shower—or their allergies were just coming on too strong that day. Collectively, though, most students were wondering: what now? However there’s no reason to stress because I’m here to tell those of you who have never been homeschooled–the benefits of doing school online and give some useful – albeit funny and satirical – tips along the way. 

With the transition to an online format, students will no longer be forced to deal with awkward or unwanted social situations. Like that one guy you sit beside who always wants to make small-talk during your 8 a.m. class. Nobody likes him and it’s made worse that this hypothetical guy is more likely than not failing his class. This is just one of the positives of taking classes online. And with professors posting most of their lectures online for viewing at any time, students who usually have a hard time making it to class will find comfort in the flexibility online school offers.

With the transition to an online format, students will no longer be forced to deal with awkward or unwanted social situations.”

— Josh Swanson

Another benefit is the way students communicate with their instructors via online schooling. Instead of talking to your professor after a lecture or dropping by their office after class, your best option to get in touch with them is via email. Now, most professors promise a response in a day’s worth of time but what this actually means is that your email will get buried in an inbox of a thousand emails and that they won’t be getting back to you. This method is much more productive than face-to-face interactions and ensures the resources to help every student succeed in their respective course. 

If none of the benefits above caught your attention, then the fact that you can show up to class naked from home should be the defining reason you get excited about online schooling. I’m not talking about watching pre recorded videos naked, but showing up to your live Zoom sessions wearing the natural clothes God gave you. Just don’t stand up when your webcam is on. 

You might be wondering what this adds to the college experience—it doesn’t, but it should make you feel liberated knowing that you’ve been unbound from societies “social standards,” and that you’ve regained the free will that going to college has stripped of you.

These are just a couple of reasons to rejoice in the recent announcement of moving to an online format. So feel free to enjoy the pros instead of worrying about the cons of the situation.