Students dash for cash

The Student Government Association hosted Dash For Dollars, a game show in which students could win upwards of $500 March 24. The game show type event was hosted by Ralph Petta, an amusement park operator and comedian.
Petta drove to Liberal from Rochester, N.Y.
The game included three different sections with different themes. Out of those sections, three contestants went on to the semifinals to compete to go inside the cash box.
The first was a baby themed challenge. The contestants wore a baby bonnet and the elimination challenges included sucking the water out of a baby bottle and unspooling a roll of toilet paper.
The second theme was Hawaii, which included challenges like hula hooping and beach volleyball with a balloon. The third theme was sports, and it included games like ring toss and upside down basketball.
The winner of the semifinals won $25 and 11 participants were awarded a T-shirt for their efforts.
Rachel Barnes was the student who won overall and got to have her time in the cashbox. She won $46 from the cash box and then the host gave her $50 making her total for the night $96.
“I didn’t think I was going to win that much,” Barnes said.
Barnes went out to participate after her basketball teammates persuaded her to.
The turnout was modest but the crowd was loud and the host gave away many dollar bills to the audience.