Obama presidency turning into an extreme socialist regime

Rustins mug“It’s time for us to wake up; it’s time for us to rise up.”
–Rustin Watt

Now is a good time for us as people to realize what is going on all around us. I have asked people if they knew what the tea parties that sprouted up all over America were. Nearly all said no. The tea parties and town halls rose to debate socialized medicine and a government that continues out of control spending when we already face a nearly insurmountable debt. It seems most people expect the government to solve our problems, and that is where this problem with socialism has come into play. We have been on a steady decline, and now we have a president in office in Obama that many, myself included, believe to be a socialist and an extremist. Expecting free handouts which have been received for some time from the government has allowed the government to expand greater and greater over time. The government so far under Obama has taken charge of the automobile industry along with banking. They are now trying to take over the health care system. Obama said it plain and clear, “We are going to fundamentally change America.” By god they’re doing it. This administration is far left and it begins to get scary when we go searching for answers as I did. If you don’t believe Obama to be an extremist, then maybe you should look at the people he has self appointed and surrounded himself by, his advisers. Van Jones, the green jobs czar Obama appointed, recently resigned after he was exposed by Fox News host Glenn Beck and many others. Jones co-founded the group S.T.O.R.M.: Standing Together to Organize Revolutionary Movement. “All of STORM’s members developed a basic understanding of and commitment to revolutionary Marxist policies,” Jones said. “With a particular emphasis on the historical experiences of third world communist movement.” Thank God he’s gone, but just one of many. Cass Sustein, the regulatory czar, proposed bans on hunting and eating meat and also tried to get the fairness doctrine to be implemented in the Internet. Carol Browner, the global warming czar, is part of Socialist International, a group for global governments. Ezekiel Manuel, the health care advisor, is a proponent of the complete lives system which puts value on lives based on age. Mark Lloyd is the FCC’s diversity czar, a new position created by our president. Lloyd would like to bring back the fairness doctrine and then some with a nebulous of diversity and localism to end opposition in the airwaves. Lloyd praised Hugo Chavez’s (the socialist leader of Venezuela) takeover of the airwaves to fuel propaganda. John Holdren, the science czar, said, “The Constitution and Declaration give you no right say to have more children if the government were to say you can only have two.” I’m sorry, Mr. Holdren, but I’m afraid they do they give our people freedom, something you obviously don’t believe in. We could put all the blame on the president and Congress but they haven’t wrtten all these bills, they just weren’t able to read them and passed them anyway. I can tell you who has helped write our bills. The Apollo Alliance has. Guess who one of their founders was? Van Jones.They helped create the stimulus bill, a group that’s part of the Apollo Alliance ACORN. ACORN was recently exposed by Glenn Beck for helping an undercover pimp and prostitute in how to get a house to start their business of selling their bodies and tipped them on how to bring in illegal immigrant girls around the age of 15 to sell their bodies and keep it all under wraps to avoid taxes and the government. Your taxes go to these people, and these people wrote your “stimuseless” bill that has driven us to around a $12 trillion deficit. Wow. It’s time for us to wake up, it’s time for us to rise up. Socialized health care was something refuted by socialism’s biggest arch nemesis, Ronald Reagan. Reagan described socialized medicine as a foot-in-the-door method for socialism. He described the eventual loss of freedom from government control. “The doctor begins to lose freedoms. It’s like telling a lie, and one leads to another,” Reagan said. “First, you decide that the doctor can have only so many patients. They are equally divided by the various doctors by the government, but then the doctors are equally divided geographically. So a doctor decides he wants to practice in one town, and the government has to tell him, You can’t practice in that town. They already have enough doctors. You have to go some place else. And from here it’s only a short step into dictating where he will go.” It’s easy to see where it goes once a government can dictate where someone works, then soon it’s how they’re paid and everything else. It’s a steady decline a backdoor entry for socialism. This health care plan was nearly rammed through Congress and put in place entil the people of America began to speak their minds. The silent beast awoke in the people, and it’s time we set the record straight and get our government back on the same page as our founding fathers. They founded our government on freedom and the escape from big government and tyranny let us take the power back and let the Constitution be our guide, not bring the bacon home politicians in Congress and an extremist administration. Look for answers. Ask questions. Figure out what is going on around you. Things now are going to determine our futures, this isn’t a Democrat versus Republican thing, this is, as Rush Limbaugh said, “This is statism, this is totalitarianism versus freedom.” Let your voice be heard and maybe we, can start something. A revolution is going on around us. As young voters, we should make some noise and let the government know they work for us and to leave us alone. “Questioning your government is not only important,” Beck said. “It is, in a democratic republic, which I think we still have, it is required of you.”  Don’t tread on me, bring it back. Lets get heard. Don’t let us be the generation that waived our freedom goodbye but let us be the ones who rose up to protect it.