Clubs pledge to raise money at phonathon

A Phonathon to raise money for scholarships will be April 7 to 11. “Our goal is to raise $20,000 for scholarships, and we want to get many clubs and organizations to help,” Dean of Student Services Celeste Donovan said. Clubs and teams who have already signed up include SIFE, ADN, Sigma Chi Chi, choir, Kappa Beta Delta, Phi Theta Kappa, ISO volunteers, Crusader, SGA, Sports Medicine, HALO, tennis, mens and womens basketball, womens softball, volleyball and baseball. The Phonathon will be during the evenings of April 7 and 8 and all day on April 10. Prizes for students are a 32-inch TV for the person who raises the most, a $150 Wal-Mart gift card for the person with the largest single pledge, an eight GB iPod Touch for the person with the greatest number of pledges and a large pizza for the first $100 pledge per shift. The club or team who raises the most money will get $500 for their club. There will also be prize drawings every shift. The faculty and staff will compete on April 11 for prizes including free lunch in the cafeteria, a VIP parking spot, a day off work and hourly drawings. Participants will be challenged to each get at least $100 of pledges. Participants will also receive a necklace for each pledge, to show how many pledges they’ve gotten. Once they reach $100 they will get a cookie. There are also candy bars, bubble guns and light sticks for encouragement and to make the experience more exciting. “We’re going to try to make it fun so that if they’re working one hour, maybe they’ll want to come back and help for another hour,” Donovan said. Participants will be given a list of alumni to call to request pledges for scholarships, and may bring their own lists if they choose to.