Lunch choices make the day for hungry students

Lunch, a student’s favorite part of the day. What is it about lunch that most college students enjoy? The variety of places where you can choose to eat are numerous. For the most part, my favorite place to have a nice lunch would have to be at the SCCC/ATS cafeteria. The food is well prepared, with a wide variety, and, of course, it is to your own limit how much food you choose to have. The cafeteria has many food choices. The salad bar has all the vegetables, the soups are great, and there are different kinds of side dishes to add on. The main course is always the one that catches my eye — Paul’s sloppy joes, fish fillets, Philly cheese steak, enchiladas, and so much more. Although, when there is a main course that you are not a fan of, you can always choose hamburgers with fries or pizza everyday on the menu. As a college student, you need to have your daily lunch in order to be energized to make it through the day. Not only do you have the cafeteria, but eating off campus is a choice as well. Fast food joints are another choice to have lunch. Although, we all know that fast food is not the healthiest out there. In fact, the cafeteria food is far healthier than fast food places. Coming out of high school into college life has a different perspective. College is where your future as an adult begins. Being healthy is an important part of life. I thought I would never have time to eat. In fact, I eat lunch at the SCCC/ATS cafeteria about three times a week. My other two days I go home and have something healthy. Staying healthy for me is important and a big part of my life. As a college student I have far more advantages than I did as a Liberal High School student. High school lunch runs a lot differently than Great Western Dining at SCCC/ATS. The variety is limited for those high school kids. The salad bar is still a second choice to the student, but the variety on it is much more limited. LHS does not allow for students to go off campus and have lunch anywhere else. College students have more freedom to enjoy lunch somewhere else. The important thing is that every student gets the nutrition they need to make it through the day. Learning to manage your time can be hard and stressful, but it is possible to do. Always make sure to leave some time for lunch. Lunch is not the only important meal of the day, but breakfast is important also. Breakfast is what will give us the boost to get out there and get each day started. Eat to become healthy, and everything will fall in place just like you planned.