Barefoot for a cause

In an effort to spread awareness of the importance of shoes in developing parts of the world, some Seward County students are encouraging others to support TOMS shoes by going barefoot on April 7. TOMS shoes will hold its third annual “One Day Without Shoes” campaign on April 8, in which people are asked to go barefoot worldwide in an effort to alert people of the impact a simple pair of shoes can have in a child’s life. Due to sophomore assessment testing, Seward County students will be getting a headstart on the cause. Students who choose to participate in “One Day Without Shoes,” must wear shoes in labs, the wellness center, in classes at the Area Technical School where hard-toed shoes are required, the cosmetology building, and the cafeteria for safety precautions. It’s not every day that a person chooses to go barefoot outside of his or her home, but participating with other students on April 7 is sure to bring awareness to many people who might take shoes for granted. Because many children in developing countries grow up without shoes and have no choice but to walk around barefoot,  they are more at risk for diseases, scrapes and cuts, and sometimes are unable to go to school. Every person who buys a pair of TOMS shoes is helping a child in a big way. Since the company’s release, TOMS shoes have become a nationwide trend to bring awareness of the impact a basic pair of new shoes can have in a child’s life. Not only are students allowed to participate in this awareness event, but so are teachers and faculty members. Dean of administrative services Tom Williams will also be participating on April 7, describing his initial reaction to the “One Day Without Shoes,” campaign as “a neat concept.” “I am glad that I have the where-with-all to maybe help someone get a pair or two of shoes. I know I would hate to have to go everywhere I went barefooted,” said Williams after learning more about the TOMS shoe company. Participating with other students, teachers, and faculty members on April 7 to spread awareness of the necessity for shoes in developing countries has the potential to make a big difference not only in our community but in the world. To learn more about the TOMS movement to help those in need around the world, go to