Student from Hong Kong studies at Seward


Being on the other side of the world and far from home is “different”, says foreign exchange student Gregory Leung. Leung is a freshman student from Hong Kong who has learned to adapt to changes. He has swapped sushi for corn dogs, the metropolis for a suburban place with “fresher air”, and warm weather for shoveling snow. Leung was born in Hong Kong on March 21, 1993. Prior to attending SCCC/ATS he attended high school as a senior, in a suburban town outside of Chicago, Ill. Though his original plan included going to the University of Chicago, he realized it would be quite expensive and was persuaded to come to Seward instead. His sister, TakYee Leung, was actually the person who recommended SCCC. She attended Seward herself and told him it would be more cost efficient. Leung feels he has adapted well, as does International Student Sponsor Patsy Fischer. “He is very quiet, efficient, and everything he does is precise,” Fischer commented. He has found that the smaller atmosphere, and more extroverted people means attaining more interaction from classmates and teachers. He currently has two favorite classes, music theory and chemistry. Leung like prioritizing, but does admit that all study, study, study is just “crazy.” He even set a New Year’s resolution to do more fun stuff, though he says he is a bit confined since he doesn’t have a car. “I want to do my best..I want scholarships, but I like to play too—after studying.” When he has free or leisure time, he enjoys swimming, working out, playing ping pong, and watching movies, like his favorite, “Avatar.” He enjoys watching baseball also, and his favorite team is the Chicago Cubs. Leung is a fan of many types of music, his favorites include classical, pop, and rock. He is a musician as well, and has played piano since the age of 7. “I remember walking by a music store, seeing the piano, and telling my mom that I wanted to play”. After he began to take lessons, and through diligence and practice he became the skillful musician he is today. He still considers playing piano as a hobby. Though he does miss his friends and family back home, he maintains contact with them through Skype and FaceTime. “A trip home is very expensive,”he explained how the trip was more than 24 hours long, and included multiple stops. From Hong Kong, to San Francisco, Calif., from there to Dallas, Texas, Dallas to Amarillo, Texas, then the trip from Amarillo to Liberal. He plans to attend Seward next year as well, and aims for an associates in science. When he transfers he intends to major in Pharmacy, and make enough money in order to retire early and travel. “I like traveling, I would like to travel to Europe, some countries in Asia, and South America”.