Financial ignorance leads to monetary woes for students

Financial aid is awarded to students that meet the requirement when ever the financial aid office reviews the applications in the spring and in the fall semester. Many students do not even think about the money that they are going to receive until they get the bill in the mail after the semester has already began. Some of the students don’t worry because they owe a small amount. Others realize that maybe they should have read the information provided by the financial aid office when ever they enrolled. College students sometimes forget that they have bills, loans or maybe rent to pay. That means that it is time for them to start learning about finances. Even when in college you still have someone telling you that you didn’t fill something out so you are going to lose grant money. It seems like at semester there are a few students complaining about losing scholarship money or their pell grant. Most of these students, when they accepted their award skimmed over the requirements that came with the money that they had been awarded. “They just don’t read,” Jessica Luallen, financial officer said. These are the students that lose their financial aid. The requirements are there for the students to read so why not read them and avoid an embarrassing situation of losing financial aid because a Thank you card was not sent. Some students do not even have the common sense to go into the financial aid office to see why their financial aid was rejected. Being ignorant to the fact that you can lose your financial aid does not make the problem go away. It only means that someone else is going to end up with that tuition grant. It is better to go and see if there is anything that you can do to get the financial aid that you want because there are many others who are willing to speak up for their finances.