Resolutions not just for the New Year

The New Year and resolutions go hand in hand. It seems like they always have. Apparently, the Babylonians used to make resolutions to their gods at the start of every year, as well. I’m not really sure how valid this information is, mainly because my source for this fact is Wikipedia. Honestly, I used to be a big believer in New Year’s resolutions. As a kid, I thought that whatever I made my New Year’s resolution would some how be more likely to come true. My New Year’s resolutions were incredible. I would make perfect grades. I would grow twelve inches. I would diligently work on nothing but homework. I would cut TV out of my life entirely. As time has progressed, my New Year’s resolutions have become more realistic. I’ll study the day before a test, as opposed to the morning of. I’ll lose 15 pounds. I’ll be nicer and less sarcastic. Just because my resolutions have progressively become easier to achieve doesn’t mean that I’m going to do them. This year, my resolution was to stop being so lazy. I slept until noon on January 1. This is basically how all of my resolutions have ended up. I think of something reasonable and achievable, get caught up in the big spirit of having a New Year’s resolution and then I don’t do anything about it. However, some people have more drive than I do. They work toward their goal for the first three months of the year, then slowly lose steam and revert to their old ways. Gyms see an increase in membership at the beginning of the year, but according to a fitness center owner in South Carolina, the new members are mostly gone by Valentine’s Day. I think as I’ve become older and progressively more cynical, I don’t see the point in New Year’s resolutions. I’ll keep making them (sure) but I don’t expect myself to achieve them. If I wanted to make a significant change in my lifestyle, I would do it. I wouldn’t wait until New Year’s to be pressured into making an extravagant promise and then end up breaking it a month later. If you’d like, make a New Year’s resolution to become a better you. If you break it and find yourself itching for change in September go for it anyway, even if it’s not January. If you want to do something, then do it when you want to.