Don’t get locked out!

New security protocols set for on-campus living


Amberley Taylor

This reminder is posted on the doors at the SLC to remind students to keep their new ID with them. If students do not have their ID, they will be locked out of housing.

Amberley Taylor, Copy Editor

On Monday, Oct. 23, Seward County Community College started a new system for entering the dorms. For some students, this has been a hard thing to remember.

Amberley Taylor
Students are required to use their new ID to get in to Hale Court, the Mansions and the SLC.

All morning, students struggled to remember their new ID and were patiently waiting in between the sets of doors for someone to let them in. After seeing a few locked out, students living on-campus reminded their friends to carry their ID with them to avoid having to wait outside.

Every student living in on-campus housing must use special ID cards to open the doors for the Student Living Center, the Mansions and Hale court.

“Our goal for this new key card system is to create a safe living environment for students,” Kate Mulligan, Director of Student Living Center, said.

Students can pick up their new ID cards in the SLC office anytime between 7 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. If students lose a card, the replacement fee is $25. If a student lends their ID to another student and gets caught doing so, they will be charged a $100 fee.

Doors to housing will be locked at all times. Mulligan suggested students keep their ID on them at all times so they may enter the building. The sliding doors of the dorms will be unlocked, but to enter the building through all side doors and into the main doors after the sliding doors, an ID swipe is required.

If you live in the mansions, your key will only work to get into the mansions. If you live in the SLC, your key will only work in the SLC and if you live at Hale Court, it will work only at Hale Court.