Halloween costumes come budget friendly

Being on a budget can sometimes keep students from having fun, but not this time. For halloween, easy, quick and affordable halloween costumes are a thing. These costumes may already be in your closet, but some do require some quick shopping.

Black eyeliner or black face paint and a completely black outfit is all that is needed for the first costume. With the black eyeliner, draw a little circle on the tip of your nose and a few whiskers on your cheeks. Pair the makeup look with a black outfit and you have a kitty cat. This costume is simple and easy, but can also be added to with a cat-ear headband, red lipstick and some eyeshadow.

The next outfit is even easier than the kitty cat. Many people already have a pair of jeans and a denim top in their closet. Along with the denim,  this costume also requires a red bandana and a red lipstick. With the denim top, roll the sleeves past the elbow and pair it with your favorite jeans. Puff out some fake bangs then put your hair up. After your hair is up, tie a red bandana around your head. Finish the look with some red lipstick and you are now Rosie the Riveter.

Being a nerd isn’t always a good thing, but for halloween it is totally acceptable! Being a nerd for Halloween is a super affordable option. Get some glasses and place some white tape in the middle. If you have suspenders put them on, but if you don’t, no worries. Don’t forget to pull your pants high and tuck your shirt into them. Carry some pens and maybe even a calculator and BAM, you are a nerd.

The next costumes requires some fake blood and foundation. Becoming a vampire is simple and works for anyone. Wear regular clothes or dress up if you want to. Use a lighter shade of foundation than your regular skin tone. You can find $1 foundation at Dollar Tree or Walmart. After applying foundation, drip some fake blood below your lips,  on your forehead or just anywhere you want and you’re done! To really pull off the look, some fake vampire fangs would do the trick. 

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Some fangs and blood and you’re now a vampire.

If you don’t have the time for a diy costume, there are also affordable outfits on the market. Amazon carries many costumes for cheap and if you sign up with your school email you are eligible for Amazon Prime. Say you forget about your costume or just blew it off until the last minute, with Amazon Prime you can get two-day shipping.

Some costumes amazon has are: a Wonder Women T-shirt with a cap and headband starting at $11.99 and a taco costume for $22.23. There are also costumes for a couple available such as a Peanut Butter and Jelly set starting at $20.88.

You can’t have a peanut butter sandwich without the jelly.

Don’t miss out on all the halloween fun this year. Make your own costume or buy an affordable one. Dress up and have fun.

Don’t forget that Crusader is running a costume contest on Instagram. Make sure to upload your costume picture to Instagram, use the hashtag #spooky4crusader and tag Crusader @crusadernews for a chance to win a prize. Happy Halloween!