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Nayeli Galan, Liberal freshman, hands out candy to children. The cheer team hosted a ping pong ball toss game for the trick-or-treaters..

Photo Essay: Clubs host spooky games for community kids

November 1, 2019

Scary goblins, super heroes and beautiful princesses lined up to go through the Student Union on Oct....

The best part about halloween is leading up to Oct. 31 and watching scary movies. For some reason, they are scarier than during the rest of the year.

5 movies to start your Halloween off right

October 24, 2019

Even more essential than the activities of pumpkin carving or trick-or-treating on Halloween, is the tradition ...

Quiz: What scary movie character are you?

Quiz: What scary movie character are you?

October 23, 2019

Get in the Halloween spirit with a personality quiz that fits the mood. With 10 simple questions, find ...

The Gomez Family poses in their farm-themed family costume. The Gomez children were dressed as scarecrows and chickens, along with their parents who dressed up  with them as well.

SCCC hosts Halloween Trick or Treat Street

November 1, 2018

Each Halloween, Seward County Community College Clubs and Organizations get together, dress up, host ga...

Costume contest winner announced

Costume contest winner announced

November 1, 2017

The Crusader halloween costume contest is finally complete. Seward County Community College students, sta...

The SCCC cheer squad had a game where the kids had a chance to toss a hula hoop on SCCC mascot, Louie. After attempting to toss the hula hoop, they also had the opportunity to snap a picture with Louie.

Trick or Treat Street: a Spooky good time

November 1, 2017

Monster Mash echoed through the room, as the yellow lights were dimmed and was replaced with glow stic...

10 movies that will scare your pants off

10 movies that will scare your pants off

October 31, 2017

Editor's warning: This column and following video excerpts might scare our younger audience. Can you...

Halloween costumes come budget friendly

Halloween costumes come budget friendly

October 25, 2017

Being on a budget can sometimes keep students from having fun, but not this time. For halloween, easy, ...

Students decorate their door frame to grab attention and make their doors look more interesting.

SCCC hosts Trick or Treating for the kids in the community

November 1, 2016

Halloween is one of the holidays kids love to participate in. Halloween consist of tons of candy, haunt...

Clowns: where our fear comes from

Clowns: where our fear comes from

October 29, 2016

Sightings of clowns have erupted all throughout the United States. They have even made their way across...

Pumpkin DIY's for Halloween

Pumpkin DIY’s for Halloween

October 25, 2016


College transforms into Trick-or­­-Treat Street, breaks attendance record

November 14, 2014

Lions, tigers, bears, even dinosaurs and many other costumes were seen at this year's Trick-or-Treat...

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