Spooky Tales

True encounters of the great unknown.



Michelle Mattich, Reporter

Ghosts are scary, period. Well, that’s if you believe in them. The occurrences of the paranormal are often in debate through discussions that go back and forth. Around the world, there are many stories about ghosts and the great beyond. Some of these stories will make your pants shiver. Here at Seward County Community College,  I had my own hair-standing experience.

During the fall of 2016, I was stage manager for the play, “Bleeding Kansas.” One night, we were having rehearsals and I was asked to go close the music room doors because it was too loud. I walked through the backstage and hurried out the back door.

When we were done with rehearsals, the ghost turned off all the lights.”

— Michelle Mattich

As I was ready to head back, I turned the knob back towards the door and pushed it to open the door. In that instance, the door pushed back, pushing me back and locking itself. I was shocked as to what happened.

I had to walk all the way around towards the front to get back into the auditorium. Afterwards, I got this eerie feeling that I was being watched. I felt like there was a ghost and that they didn’t like me. When we were done with rehearsals, the ghost turned off all the lights. Mind you that the director joked and confirmed the existence of the ghost; I was petrified.

I am a believer in ghosts because I’ve always felt this sixth sense. If you don’t believe in ghosts, then the sixth sense probably means nothing to you.

Other incidents in which SCCC Students felt like there were ghosts include:  Mcdonald’s where Daisy Sanchez, criminal justice major, works. When asked if she believes in ghosts, Sanchez exclaimed, “Yes!” She said her experience freaked her out.

“I was cleaning the play area and we have this toy that plays a song when you touch it. I was done cleaning it and when I got ready to leave, the toy started playing by itself. It kept playing so I freaked out and ran. The song stopped playing once I had ran out. I wouldn’t think anything of it, but the toy is brand new,” Sanchez said.

Many occurrences happen and some just manage to make us question reality. It’s the month of October, the month when all the spooky things comes to light. You never know what creepy things might be lurking in the dark. What are your scary stories?