SCCC’s E-boutique Helps Unemployed Women Get Hired


Courtesy of Lisa Kennedy

PBL members help set up the new boutique. This boutique will help women who are seeking employment by offering clothing and help for interviews.

Cheyenne Miller , Reporter

Anyone who has ever pursued a job understands just how challenging the hiring process can be. From filling out complicated applications to preparing for interviews with potential employers, job hunting is, for many, an incredibly stressful activity.

For disadvantaged women re-entering the workforce, though, the quest for employment can prove impossible. That’s why Seward County Community College’s E-boutique, designed and executed by Phi Beta Lambda, is here to help.

The E-boutique, a program designed to help underprivileged women find employment by providing them with appropriate interview clothing, career advice, and resume assistance.

It first came to fruition in the fall of 2015 when PBL (Phi Beta Lambda) received a $1,200 dollar grant through Walmart’s Women’s Economic Empowerment Initiative. After a brief hiatus, a $3,000 dollar donation from Liberal’s Rotary Club has made the continuation of the program possible, and those involved are excited for it to begin again.

“We still have a little bit to do as far as setting everything up,” said Bryce Minor, a sophomore member of PBL from Liberal majoring in business administration. “Once everything is done, we hope to be able to help women who need help securing a job.”

Lisa Kennedy, SCCC Business Instructor and BAT/Marketing/Management Coordinator, has similar hopes for the program, which she described as a “women’s empowerment project” that “provides women transitioning into the workforce from disadvantaged situations with interview attire.”

“We’ve helped four clients already last semester,” said Kennedy. “Now we’re just waiting to get into our new location in the Industrial Tech building where we can hopefully help even more women.”

“We really wouldn’t turn down anybody who needed our help,” ”

— Lisa Kennedy

The club anticipates that once up and running, the program will have a significant positive impact on the community as a whole, especially for those that, for whatever reason, are struggling to find and keep a job.

“I think that impact wise, it will help a lot of women out there find the jobs that they need, and may also help out with Liberal’s unemployment rate,” said Cody Bradley, a freshman member of PBL majoring in business administration.

Since the program is designed to assist women in need, PBL has reached out to other local organizations that also aim to make a difference in the community in hopes that women struggling with employment will be directed to the E-boutique, and that word of the program will spread.

Kennedy explained that, typically, anyone in the community referred by organizations like the Stepping Stone Shelter or Liberal Area Rape Crisis and Domestic Violence Center can use the program, but a referral isn’t necessarily required.

PBL also welcomes anyone who would like to offer their support for the program going forward.

“We’ll be looking for donations,” said Kennedy. “Money is helpful, of course, but we also need gently used women’s professional wear, including clothing, shoes, and accessories.”

Anyone with questions about the program or resources that they’d like to donate can direct any inquiries to Lisa Kennedy at [email protected].