Dynamic lighting sets tone for “Lion King” scenes


Brent Harris tells students of the full-body mechanism he is connected to for the role of “Scar.” He wears a large mask, tail, and many wires and hand controls that together, weigh around 40 pounds.

Darkness is everywhere and everything is silent. Then a dim blue light begins in the horizon that slowly changes to purple. A yellow light cracks over the horizon revealing the sun that slowly brightens the savannah. As the sun rises further and further into the sky the savanna is filled with an orange and red sunlight revealing the wildlife. As all the animals come towards pride rock where Simba is shown for the first time, the scene has a huge flash of light and then darkness falls leading into the next scene. This opening scene shows a perfect example of how marvelous the lighting is done in the Lion King. Throughout the musical it keeps it going providing different lighting for all the different scenes. There were multiple scenes that caught my attention with lighting. One that stood out to me the most was how they portrayed Scar’s cave and Pride rocks cave. The light seemed to stream in to the caves through the cracks of the background of the stage. The entrance of the cave had a strong beam of light that would dim as the light went further and further into the cave. It was brilliant how they managed to create that kind of setting and make you realize that the scene was taking place inside of a cave. During the musical there were points where white strobe lights would flash at a fast speed. These strobe lights symbolized someone falling to their death. As soon as you saw these lights flashing you immediately knew deep down inside that something bad was happening. The only complaint I have within the musical about the lighting is the part with Mufasa’s face in the sky. Although it was a spectacular sight, I felt like it should have been more like the movie in the sense that Mufasa’s face is created within the storm clouds, rather than just his face glowing yellow. The lighting throughout the musical was very good and always caught the attention of viewers and showed what kind of setting the characters were in. The overall experience of the show was amazing and was well worth drive to Wichita.