Students experience internet, server catastrophe


William Swanson

The internet and server went out for the second time in the middle of classes on Aug. 28. Kris Liggett, Ness City Freshman, was like everyone else on campus and had to switch from wifi to using his phone data to get things done.

Maggie Ibarra, Reporter

On Aug. 19 and 28, Seward County Community College experienced internet outages. The first one happened before the first day of classes even began, and the second one happened almost a week later. Students and faculty complained about the internet not working as it should. 

For instance, students were not able to finish their work or FAFSA applications. 

 “A lot of the students in the dorms were complaining, and a lot of them couldn’t do their work,”  Daisy Figures, sophomore computer science major, said.

Figures explained that she needed to change her FAFSA information due to some complications but wasn’t able to the night the first time internet went down. 

Another student who also wasn’t able to complete his work was Elvis Polvon, a freshman journalism major. Polvon was giving his presentation when the internet went down.

Polvon explained that in his Intro to Mass Communications class, their presentation was to tell the class about themselves and how the media has affected them in their life. He also explained that he never worked with a Macbook before, so when he went up to present his project, he noticed that the computer was frozen and wasn’t able to pull up his slides.

“I thought I was messing up the computer, and I felt embarrassed.” Polvon explained. “Our first [presentation] was pretty important, because it’s where I present myself to the class, and also because it’s my life… not all of it is pretty important to me, but it is what makes me.” 

Fortunately, he was able to reschedule his presentation to a later date.

The students who were most affected by this catastrophe were the dormitory students.

“Students kept asking when is the internet coming back on” Jennifer Malin, director of Student Housing, said. 

Destiny Alston, a former dormitory student of SCCC, explained that at the time of the incident, she was watching Netflix in her room. 

“I was mad because you know when you’re into a show, and then it just stops? I was watching the new season of ‘13 Reasons Why.’” Alston said.

But not all students were as affected. Logan Scruggs, another former SCCC dorm student, said, “all I did was take a nap, but other than that, nothing.” 

Other students, according to Alston, “had to interact with each other. They [dorm students] had to. They had no other choice.” 

But, she also said, “it wasn’t bad though. That’s when you get to bond with people, because I would usually just be in my room watching T.V. all day.”