Crocs: A social pariah

Do’s and don’ts you should know about the popular shoe


Preston Burrows

The Croc King lets you in on some secrets about the stylish shoes that are popular among many.

Crocs have resurfaced as a new trend and many people still have a very strong negative opinion about the shoe. Any other shoes, like heels, water park dad shoes, Adidas and Heely’s (well maybe not those) are inferior to the mighty Croc. To wear Crocs, it is important to know how to wear them right and what is considered social suicide. 

Here are some Croc do’s and don’ts, so you won’t be caught looking goofy and instead, be the coolest Croc with a sock who can do a little walk while talking the talk. 

Socks and Crocs:


Preston Burrows
This is the only acceptable style of wearing Crocs while no socks equals *Squish Squish Squish*

Right now, you can spot me wearing socks with my fuzzy Crocs due to the winter weather approaching. Many people wonder if this is an acceptable style with the new trend. People who are behind the trends or, in other words, live in the sewer, might answer with, “No.” However this is not the case and it is actually wrong to wear Crocs without socks. These trend liars might be confused with the early style of no socks with sandals, which was very true, but also a very different style. Socks with Crocs keeps the ladies coming and won’t leave your foot in a tub of sweat inside. No one likes to hear *Squish Squish Squish* as they walk down the hall. 







Crocs in Sports Mode: 

Preston Burrows
A more serious, sporty mode that can handle any running situation while still being on the hot list.

Sports mode for Crocs is when the straps are worn at the back of one’s heel. This can come in handy for reasons, such as running for a purpose or forcefully running. Running for a purpose would be like running from those killer clowns that were on the internet about two years ago, while forceful running would be getting your hours for your Health and Wellness class. For example, I forgot my running shoes the other day and instead of taking the dreadful walk back to the dorm, I strapped my fuzzy Crocs in sports mode and hopped on that treadmill. This is an accepted style, especially with college students who we all know are late for their classes. 







Crocs in Regular Mode:

Preston Burrows
A more serious, sporty mode that can handle any running situation while still being on the hot list.

This is how I wear Crocs, because the relaxed feeling of no strap holding my ankle represents my freeness and willingness to try new things. Actually, I think Crocs just feel better without the strap but that other stuff is true too! Although a person’s foot might slip from time to time and if impromptu running leads to a lost Croc, it is worth the risk. Having your foot be free comes with some restrictions. People don’t expect flip-floppers or slipper wearers to compete in a marathon, so the same standards should not be held for the relaxing mode of the fashionable Croc. 








Crocs with some flare: 

Preston Burrows
A Jibbitz is a stylish type of pin that can be worn in the holes of your Crocs. You are able to choose from a different variety of them that fit your personality.

One of Crocs’ best features is that anyone can design it with Jibbitz. This is very acceptable. If there are no Jibbitz, it can be frowned upon by other Croc wearers. Jibbitz are little pins that stick in the holes of your Crocs to add some flare. These can range from a pretty daisy, to Lightning McQueen (I actually lost this one in California, so if you find it please contact me via smoke signal!) In my opinion, three Jibbitz is the perfect amount to have to customize your Croc, but if you go over this amount, the Croc seems to be cluttered. However, rumor has it that it can get pretty heavy, which might be some people’s plan to get rid of those cankles.  








Not Named Crocs:

Preston Burrows
“Crocs” you get at Walmart are considered the highest sin of Croc wearing.

The biggest sin of Croc wearing would be to think you are rocking the real Croc but in fact, you  are wearing an off brand Croc. These are the ones that can be found at Walmart or other shoe outlets stores. To identify these Crocs, a simple observation will have to take place. Do they have the same signature design as regular Crocs or do they look the same but sort of sad and droopy? These Crocs have poorly placed holes and look like the Croc’s ugly sibling or old grandpa. Overall, if the Crocs do not have the cute crocodile logo, then thank you, next.

Crocs are a show that went from being popular when I was a toddler, to being a social crime in middle school, to making a come back in 2019, going into 2020. I even heard the other day that people want crocs for Christmas and that some want to add to their Croc collection. 

Whether or not some want to believe it, Crocs are popular and are here to stay. However, just because this is a trend, it does not mean that there are no rules. All I can say is, follow the rules so Crocs do not end up like socks with sandals.