Saints on the Street: Graduates reminisce about favorite SCCC moments


2020 Seward County Community College sophomores will graduate May 2 on an online video format.

Many controversial topics are discussed everyday on television, websites and through casual conversation everywhere you go. Crusader News is on the hunt for what Seward County Community College students’ opinions are for different issues. 

This week for Saints on the Street, the hot topic is SCCC’s 2020 graduates and their best memories. 

Noah Horinek – Drafting and design

My favorite moments at SCCC were when my girlfriend, Katlyn, and I would walk around campus at 1 am. We would stay up all night getting to know each other. One night in particular, we were walking in the south parking lot and there we had our first kiss.

Then, after we were surrounded by three skunks.”







Kami Acevedo – Psychology

I have greatly enjoyed my time at SCCC. I loved working with Candice my Admissions mamma which entailed writing on the window to welcome potentially new students, sometimes misspelling many words, getting goody bags ready for these students, giving tours, MANY TOURS and laughing like there was no tomorrow. Candice was always there to hold me when I didn’t have my own mamma to hold. I enjoyed meeting her daughter Porsche and loved when she would make me drawings and color me pictures. I loved working as an RA as well. My dorm mamma Jen made me feel welcome from the very beginning and tried to break me out of my shell early. She was always there for me to talk to when I wasn’t feeling well or when I was so frustrated with classes I just wanted to cry. I did cry…many many times.

I loved meeting the other RA’s and knowing them on a different level then the rest of our peers. I got to know their stories and a side of them that not many would get the opportunity of seeing. I’m truly blessed to have met and worked with these individuals. I loved creating dorm games and witnessing college students transform into little kids again through some of our activities. I also became best friends with Jen’s daughter Aspen. We enjoyed so many amazing memories in Choir with my favorite music director Magda. We were even selected to sing together a beautiful piece for graduation which will sadly not be shared in our ceremony on May 2nd. The song is ‘This is the Moment,’ by Jekyll and Hyde if you are interested in listening to it on graduation day. The other sections also pick on each other, and of course on Magda and her mad piano playing skills. I have loved my choir group and wish them all the best on their journey’s no matter where it takes them …

To my 2020 graduates, fix your graduation cap and gown and make sure that tassel is on the right side. Take this time to remember the amazing people you have had the opportunity to meet. Remember your roots from which you came and make sure you are spending extra time with those loved ones right now. Most importantly never give up on your dreams…”


Ramiro Santiago – Business

I am from Bahia Blanca, Argentina. I am a sophomore and I played basketball for the Saints. My favorite memory from SCCC is when we won Region VI during my freshman year.

This is a memory that I will never forget.

We worked hard all season and when we won, the feeling of accomplishment was satisfactory. I will miss Seward because of all the nice people that I met around the college, and all the coaches.”




Caitlyn McIntire – Applied science 

I will take the memory of getting out of my bubble and actually being able to make friends because when I first started college I was so shy, but after being in the bigger classes I was able to talk in front of people and I felt comfortable.


I will take away how great the teachers and staff are and how they are always available to help you with whatever you need.” 





Qaiyoom Olanlege — Design

Yes, one thing that sticks out to me would be my first year winning the regionals and conference championship was pretty dope.

Seward was not somewhere I’m particularly fond of. But Seward was a good place to lock in on for me personally because I could get into my own zoom artistically. I could get support if I needed anything from the professors in that field with no problem and for that I’m appreciative.”