Wiktoria Kazimierowicz

Wroclaw, Poland – Major: Sports Psychology


Victoria Martins

Wiktoria Kazimierowicz takes a break from studying in the library to give an interview.

What role do you play at your family reunion?

I am usually the little kid, who tries to get all the presents, eats a lot and watches movies.

If you could change where Seward County Community College is located, where would you relocate it? Why?

Houston, Texas. It is warm, close to the ocean and there are more things to do. Another reason is because my host family and my freshman year roommate live there now. 

Wiktoria Kazimierowicz is a returning sophomore for the Lady Saints Basketball team. She shows off some of her personality by displaying the bottom of her orange boot. (Victoria Martins)

 If you could change the scent of National Beef, what would it be? Why?

A forest smell. It reminds me of the many forests in Poland and I love hiking. 

  If you met a Genie, what would your three wishes be?

Honestly, I am good the way I am. I don’t really want any wishes. I like to work on myself and don’t really want anything to come easy. My wish is not to have wishes.

If the world is ending and you have one last call, who would you call? Why?

Probably my Mom, but I don’t know if she would pick up — hahaha. I would call her just because she is my Mom.

When I say orange, do you think of the color or the fruit? 

I think about your hair [the reporter has orange hair] — hahaha.