Enrollment opens; try unusual classes to lighten the load


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Glass blowing is just one class students can enroll in for the spring semester. Seward County Community College offers many courses that go beyond the basics and offer some fun.

Enrollment for the spring semester starts today. As students rush to get into classes like American history and speech, why not add some fun and unusual classes to the schedule?

Students might be surprised at some class offerings. Some are a little unusual. Every department in the school has at least one or two classes that fall in this category.  For example, the art department has classes for glass blowing and water coloring. Physical education offers classes such as scuba-diving, ballroom dancing , Tai Chi, Archery, Aquarobics, lifeguarding and hiking & backpacking. 

SCCC student advisor Annette Hackbarth-Onson knows about many of the classes on campus. 

“I was still surprised with how many different physical education classes we have, there is a wide choice. This means there is something for everyone,” mentioned Hackbarth-Onson. 

Mike Hale, the scuba diving instructor, teaches scuba diving at the SCCC Wellness Center pool. The day the class is offered will be determined when students sign up. (Crusader File Photo)

Many of these classes count as electives and are mostly taught in the evening or later in the day. This allows students to follow the required class list needed for a degree in the morning and early afternoon.

Sophomore Student athlete Justine Lespes, majoring in Sports management, from La Teste-de-Buch, France, took yoga. In combination with her sport, yoga was a useful class for stretching and relaxing at the same time. The sophomore noticed throughout the semester that yoga was helping with flexibility on and off the court. 

“The only thing that bothered me about the class is that it was taught at a different location in Liberal,” said the athlete. 

Her coach dropped off and picked up the athletes from yoga. The class is offered on Tuesday and Thursday at 5:15 p.m.

Archery is one of the various “fun” classes offered at Seward County Community College. It meets Tuesdays at 11 a.m. The practice range is on the top level of the Greenhouse.
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Another class on campus is Tai Chi. This is a slower form of martial arts which focuses on flexibility, balance, breathing and controlling muscles. Instructor Terri Barnes encourages everyone to sign up.

“This class is beneficial for everyone regardless of handicap, age or ability to make any movement,” said Barnes. 

Every class consists of several forms. The sets of movement may be harder than the other and can even involve attributes such as a van, ball, wooden stock or sword. Barnes said Tai Chi class is good for mental and physical health. Anyone can join in on Monday and Wednesday evenings at 5:10 p.m.

When a student has any questions for the instructor of any of these (or other) classes, the easiest  way to contact them is through email.  The name of the instructor can be found underneath the ’faculty & staff’ section of the SCCC website

If you want to enroll in one of these classes or have questions about the classes you’ll need to take or just need help, there are several options:

  •  Ask an advisor to assist you
  • Make an appointment with one of the advisors of the Student Success Center and these advisors can  personally assist you with enrolling while making sure to have the right classes for your degree, or
  • Enroll yourself via the SCCC portal. Sign in to the portal. Go to ‘enroll in classes’. Then click on, ‘Plan and register for classes’. Next up, you’ll see another page where you will click on, ‘register for classes’. Select the “spring 2022” semester. Now, you can view all classes per department.