Who likes 8 a.m. classes?


Laura Gillespie

Some students hate 8 am classes and some others love them. A reason to hate 8 am classes is because you are too tired and it is just too early to try and learn something. A reason to love 8 am classes is because then you start your day off early and get a head start on what you are working on.

Classes at Seward County Community College start at 8 a.m. Not all students take a class that starts at 8 a.m. But classes are offered early in the morning. Sometimes students do not have a choice to take an 8 a.m. class because that could be the only time it is offered. But some students are morning people and like these early morning classes, but then there are some students who dislike their 8 a.m. classes. 

“I dislike my 8 a.m class,” Dulce Sosa, a libreal arts major from Liberal, said.

Morning classes are not for every student. Some students work better in the afternoon/evening, and then some students work better in the mornings and prefer to have the afternoon off to study or relax and take a break from school.

“I dislike my 8 a.m. class”, Scarllett Phan, a nursing major from Liberal, said. 

“I like my class, it’s pretty easy,” Melissa Martinez, a nursing major from Liberal, said. 

Early morning classes can take some time getting used to, from getting up, to getting ready, and to be in class on time every week can be a bit of a challenge. Especially if the student stayed up studying the night before. 

“Personally, I like my 8 a.m. class, it keeps me on a schedule of getting up everyday”, Alyssa Ware an undecided major from Liberal, said. 

Ware, Phan and Sosa all agree that 8 a.m. classes should exist. Some reasons are because there is no problem with classes starting at 8 a.m. Another reason is because some students are morning people and can do better in their classes if they are in the morning. And lastly they should exist because some students have work in the afternoon and morning classes help keep students organized. 

There are mixed opinions about early morning classes. Each student is different and operates differently at different times of the day. 

“I think colleges should not have 8 a.m. classes, just because it would give both students and teachers an extra hour to get ready for the day or to prepare for class,” Martinez said.