Hallmark Christmas movies give us false hope on love

Kylie Regier

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It’s Hallmark Christmas movie season. I hate to admit it but these movies are my favorite even though they may make me a little sad and angry at how easy it is for the pretty girl to find love.

Each movie has basically the same story line: 

A girl leaves her big shot job to move back home to take care of her family or take over the family business. Her high school best friend and boyfriend are still in their hometown. She swears that she doesn’t love him but days or weeks go on and she realizes that she does. They end up living happily ever after. 

I wish it was that easy for all of us!

These movies give us false hope on love because they make it look really easy to find love. What makes them so easy to get into is that they are almost like a dream come true. 

Now some people do not like Hallmark Christmas movies. They see them as repetitive and use the same actresses over and over. We won’t even mention the fact that these are cheesy romance movies. Another reason to hate on Hallmark is that they start their Christmas movies really early in the season, Oct. 22 to be exact.This makes it a bit controversial because many think Christmas shouldn’t start until after Thanksgiving.

For some the romance can seem unrealistic and set standards that most likely can not be met.  

People like me love Hallmark Christmas movies because they are so cheesy. They like the actors and actresses so they watch ALL the movies that they are in, which is how the spiral starts. I watch every movie Candace Cameron Bure is in. She’s my favorite. We like to go through the journey of the characters in the movie. My favorite older Hallmark Christmas movies are: “A Very Merry Mix-Up,”and “Christmas Under Wrap.” I make sure to watch and enjoy every second each time I see them.

For the 2021 Christmas movies, my favorites are “Next stop Christmas,”  “Christmas Sail” and “My Christmas Family Tree”. These three follow – yet don’t follow – the typical soapy Hallmark Christmas story line. They each have something special that makes it unique and different. This doesn’t happen very often, but when it does they end up being a really good movie. 

We also wish that their own house can look like the ones in the movies with all the Christmas decorations and lights. Let’s not even talk about the town decorations and parties. That will make us jealous, for sure.

Hallmark Christmas movies are the best movies in my opinion because they are so easy to have on while I am cleaning, doing homework or studying. I like to watch at least four movies a week. They make it easy to drink some hot chocolate, eat popcorn or some other holiday winter snacks and watch a good, wholesome movie. 

Even though the movies often make me mad because they seem unrealistic, they are still my favorite.