Opportunity for financial gain

SCCC offers jobs to students


Brianna Rich

Junior Franco is a sophomore from Liberal. Franco majors in pre-med and for his work study he works in the wellness center. For work he cleans, checks people in, greets people and provides a welcome environment.

Students have an opportunity to make money on campus through Work Study, a federal and local program. 

SCCC has many positions available to students from working in the library, grounds crew and in the business office. Faith Clifton, an elementary education major, and Reece Hay, a psychology major, both from Liberal,  work in the Business and Industry Office.

Jessica Headrick is a sophomore from Sublette. Headrick majors in psychology and for her work study she works in the library. While she works she puts books and magazines up, helps students, draws on the board, checks out books and puts information up on the bulletin board. (Brianna Rich)

Both Hay and Clifton recommend Work Study to anyone interested, especially for their boss, Norma Jean Dodge. “Positive and uplifting” are words both Hays and Clifton used to describe Dodge. 

Hays became interested in the Work Study program from Dodge suggesting they would need her help on flyers. 

“They needed help with graphic design things for flyers and I have an eye,” said Hay.

Flexibility is why Clifton became interested in work study. A student can only work 10 hours a week. So that opens up one’s schedule to participate in other activities and classes or even get another job in the community. Most campus jobs allow students to plan work time around their class schedule.

Anahi Navarrete, a Pre-Vet/Biology major from Liberal, works in the admissions office.  Navarrete was always in the admissions office and wanted to try something new, so she started working there.

Jobs available to students vary from groundskeeping to cleaning the chemistry lab. Students can even tutor others as their job. All jobs help SCCC run smoother and more efficiently.

“My job varies from faxing papers to other businesses to inputting instructor evaluations into the computer and I also help get things ready for some of the upcoming classes,” Clifton said. 

Jaylon Essia is a sophomore from Satanta. Essia majors in computer information systems and for his work study he works in the bookstore. While he works he folds clothes, cleans books, puts books up, hangs clothes, etc. (Brianna Rich )

Navarrete, Hay and Clifton all agreed that filling out the work study form is easy. 

The steps for filling out the work study contract is simple and easy. The first thing the student should do is go to sccc.edu and hover your mouse over the Student tab. Find the Financial Aid and click on it. On the left side there is a Work Study tab, click on it. 

Requirements for work study include: have a FAFSA filled out and be in good academic standing. 

Once these requirements are met, the student must find a supervisor/job. Scroll down the work study page to see all of the available jobs and the supervisors. 

Since it’s like any job, students must meet with the supervisor and interview for the job. After they are accepted. Students fill out the Work Study Contact which is located on the Work Study page. Once the form is submitted the student will receive an email from Human Resources with further paperwork to fill out.  

The deadline to apply for a work study position is Feb. 1.


Kylie Regier also contributed to this story