Bennett uses ice cream to receive feedback


Brianna Rich

An opportunity to not only meet the president but also to talk about campus and what could be better. SCCC President Bennett and some of the presidential scholars meet to share some ice cream, and discuss issues on campus.

The tables were lined with multiple flavors of ice cream and a handful of different types of toppings from sprinkles to cherries. This is what the Presidential Scholars were welcomed with during their first sit-down with Seward County Community College President, Brad Bennett, on March 29. This was an opportunity for both Bennett and the scholars to formally meet and discuss topics pertaining to campus. 

An ice cream day for the presidential scholars; in front of the doors there were tables that had different types of ice cream, toppings, and syrups. President Bennett was also there to have some ice cream and he said that the salted caramel flavor was not too bad.

Students asked questions and discussed the issues they see at Seward. Students brought up issues like the internet in the dorms and the washing machines. Jessica Madrigal, a criminal justice major from Spearman, Texas, described the washer machine situation as “never actually stable” and that the machines break down now and then. 

Bennett reassured them that the college is scheduled to get new ones in May or June of this year, and the parts needed to correct the Wi-Fi have been ordered. Another topic brought up during the sit-down was the dorm curfew and residence life policies. 

“We have to look at essentially surveying the students and see where we’re at because I guarantee while some students dislike it, other students appreciate it,” Bennett said about curfew. “This spring and summer, we’re looking at all of our resident life policies for our campus housing.”

Getting ice cream, Katie Culwell is an undecided major from Hooker, Oklahoma, and she suggests getting more lights by the dorms. To Calwell, this chance to talk with Bennett was “pretty worth it.” (Brianna Rich)

Bennett also announced that the college is looking for a way to put air conditioning in the Greenhouse. Another plan he brought up was his goal to cosmetically update the college with new carpets, replace the trash cans and set a goal to paint 500 gallons on campus. 

Katie Culwell, an undecided major from Hooker Oklahoma, suggested, “I think we need more lighting by the dorms.” 

This was an issue that Bennett agreed with Culwell on, and he had noticed it during his walks around campus at night. This is something that Bennett believes “we need to do” to make the campus feel safer. He also brought up the student path to Walmart and how to change it to be safer at night whether that’s by clearing out vegetation or adding more lights. 

A behavioral science major, Logan Dodge agreed that safety was also a concern of hers. To Dodge she liked that he was really concerned with students safety and that he puts himself in the shoes of students. (Brianna Rich)

Logan Dodge, a behavioral science major from Liberal, agreed that safety was a major concern of hers that was addressed at this event. 

“I like that whole part that he’s really concerned with student safety and the fact he puts himself in the shoes of students being like ‘I’m going to walk this place at night to see how bad it is’ ” Dodge said. 

Overall, Culwell describes the chance to talk with Bennett as “pretty worth it.” 

“Just getting to talk with him and see the ideas he has for the future of the college,” Culwell said.