Justin Demarco

Parker, Colorado- Major: Sports management


Justin Demarco and Cameron Cartwright sit in the Seward County Community College Library discussing their future plans as the first week of school begins.

Least favorite household chore?

I absolutely hate washing dishes with a passion. I don’t like how it makes your hands not only feel, but smell, just gross all around.

What is your guilty pleasure show to binge on right now?

Me and my roommate Cam Cartright have just been putting in hours into “The Kardashian”. I really like the character development, especially with Kourtney and Travis’s storyline.

What topic are you most passionate about?

I’ve been putting research into how gambling and illegal sports betting is harmful to our youth. I have this great passion because I see it all around me. I just want more kids to know the effects it can have on them.

Do you have any tattoos if not, would you consider getting one?

No, but I have a couple of Ideas. If I were to get a tattoo I would want a little Geko on my right shoulder blade and have his little footprints go down my back. This is very sentimental to me because I’ve always loved Geckos.

What is the weirdest dream you have had this year?

This actually took place here, on my fourth night in college. My dream was that my roommate got up, yelled at me and left campus. I woke up a little sad and almost shed a tear. I was quickly corrected when I looked across the room and he was sound asleep in his bed.

Justine Demarco, an 18-year-old freshman from Parker, Colorado, is a pitcher for our Saint’s baseball team. Demarco is majoring in sports management because “ I would rather choose a career that grabs my attention rather than something that I don’t prefer ”, Demarco explained.

What television family would you love to be a part of?

As mentioned earlier, I love the Kardashians. I like their lifestyle and how family comes first. If I could be a part of their family it would just make my life feel complete.

What is your go-to Karaoke song?

For sure it would be ”Hollaback Girl” by Gwen Stefani. I just like the way it makes my hips move.

If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go?

I would go to the north side of Canada. I’ve just heard great things about them and I love their subtle cultural changes.