SCCC students study for exams


Rodriguez like to study on Quizlet, because that seems to help her.

Final exams will soon be here. Some students study for an hour or so every day, others study five hours the night before. Many college students learn how to deal with their nervousness. The majority of learners study differently such as going over notes, looking at powerpoints, or using flashcards.

For Karina Rodriguez, sophomore Business Administration major, her study routine includes coming to the library because it’s quiet, and she can concentrate. Rodriguez enjoys studying in her dorms as well because it’s quieter and is forced to study since she’s not around people. 

Rodriguez begins studying by looking over her notes and reading the chapters. She then makes a Quizlet which is like online flashcards because she says that seems to help her remember better. Rodriguez usually uses this method when she studies.  


Arana likes taking notes, not making flashcards when she is studying.

Diana Arana is a Sophomore and Biology major. Arana likes taking notes like Rodriguez, but methods such as making flashcards don’t help her. She tries to study a week before the test and spends about two hours each day studying for the test and preparing depending on what class. 

“So it’s just mainly being able to define something. I am reviewing my notes. I usually don’t use flashcards… What I do is I write it out. I like writing it out rather than using flashcards because I feel like rewriting it on the whiteboard or something. I feel if I’m able to write it, I can learn it better,” Arana says.


Brooks uses the flashcards to help for exams.

Kyler Brooks, a freshman Business major, uses the flashcards to help for exams as well. Usually he takes notes first in class then goes back in and writes the information on notecards. He also uses a similar method as Arana where he keeps writing it a few times. 

He says what helps him most is to put all his focus into his studying. He has to tell himself to not look around, and just focus on his questions. 

“I need to study a lot more for the assignments in college than high school. High school is a simple assignment and at college it’s like a more difficult and more challenging one” Brooks says.