Student, faculty describe favorite songs, music


Magda Silva, a music teacher. Silva enjoys listening to relaxing music sitting down in her office.

Students and teachers have different types of songs they listen to. Most students or teachers listen to them in different places such as traveling, school and driving. They listen to them on services such as Apple, Spotify, YouTube or free downloaded music. 

Magda Silva, a music teacher, listens to a mixture of different types of music. She likes old classical stuff as it helps her relax and helps her focus but Silva does like the newer music such as what students are listening to. 

In the last couple years, she said the songs this generation is listening to all sound the same to her. Silva does not know if her ears have just become old all of a sudden or if it’s just the types of songs that she is listening to. 

“My absolute favorite piece is called Scheherazade Rimsky-Korsakov. The opening violin has an amazing melody and then the colors that the orchestra plays, like the chords, it is exciting and relaxing and beautiful and intense at the same time. So just give you a snippet of it, I mean, just that opening BOOM so did the song,” Silva said.

Silva can’t explain it but since the first time she heard it at 13 years old, this has been her absolute favorite piece ever written. It sounds aggressive then it goes straight to this beautiful sweet sound of the woodwinds and after that a beautiful violin solo. She said that it has everything: energy, speed, sweetness and aggressiveness. 

Six to seven to eight hours a day, Slivia really does not listen to it a lot at home unless cleaning or trying to be motivated. It’s a good substitute to not be distracted by a television show. When she is cleaning the house, she puts on some jazz or something where she is not being visually distracted. 

“So, my dad always enjoyed classical music. My parents exposed us to everything when we were kids. We saw ballet when we were children. We went to the symphony and we saw the choirs and stuff. I remember my dad sitting me down and we would listen to symphonies on records,” Silva said. 

Natalie Rodriguez, is majoring in art and from Liberal. Her favorite song is Bambino by Dalida, which Rodriguez plays on her phone.

Natalie Rodriguez, is majoring in art and from Liberal. Her favorite song is called Bambino by Dalida. It’s in French, but Rodriguez tries to listen to more of the music than the words. She has a playlist with over 300 songs on it and listens to whatever’s on it. 

What music she listens to depends on the day or what time she is traveling. She listens to more French music at night and when it’s the morning, she listens to rap and other stuff. Every time she is going to school or going to pick up something she will play music. 

“It’s probably about me. I think I like it because it’s very instrumental and I think it’s just pretty and I think it matches my personality. It’s more of an instrumental song so my favorite rendition of it is just whenever it’s all in Portuguese,” Rodriguez said. 


Ruth Rivera is an advisor. Ocean by Hillsong is a favorite music of Rivera’s to listen to while in the office.

An advisor Ruth Rivera’s favorite song is Ocean by Hillsong. It’s a worship song which means it is very slow and calm.  Rivera usually takes a long drive to work around 25-30 minutes which is when she listens to her music. Rivera said she has to listen to music. 

“It would be awkward if I didn’t have music on,” Rivera said with a laugh. 

Rivera doesn’t have a specific playlist, but instead she uses Spotify, YouTube or Pandora. A song on her mind right now would be Waymaker by Sinach. When it came out, a lot of people listened to it since it was during Covid. She said in the middle of all the chaos, God is there. 

When she heard it, the song struck her and gave her goosebumps. Rivera said the sound of Micha Tyler is different because it talks about how they want to be different from how they used to be. 

“I take it as I want to be a different person. I wanna be kind and just change my personality. I put it on repeat in the morning sometimes. It’s the beat of the music and kind of makes me wanna get me to hear the start of the day. It gets me into that mood that I wanna be a different person,” Rivera said.