Economy affects local racers and NASCAR

Today’s tough times are making things tough on local racers, as well as fans. I grew up around racetracks in the area because my dad raced. He started off in the pony stocks, which were small compact cars that ran four-cylinder engines in them, and he later moved up into the modified division, which are cars with Chevelle frames that can run any type of engine desired. Most commonly engines with at least 350 cubic inches are run. The modifieds are considerably more expensive to run than any other class in the area besides the sprint cars. I have recently begun to delve into starting my racing career in the modifieds and have had a rude awakening. I need money. The way most racers are able to afford their “habit,” as my mother says, is to receive sponsorships from local businesses. Sponsorships are seen as a way of advertising a business that is tax deductible all the while helping fund a local racers dream of putting a car out on the track. The economic times that our country has found itself in makes it hard for a racer to find the money that he needs to be able to go to the track every weekend without going broke by paying out of his own pocket for everything necessary. Searching for sponsorship dollars does not end at the local level. Teams in NASCAR are having trouble coming up with the funds necessary to support their race teams. The local drivers race for the pure enjoyment of the sport. I remember growing up that all I ever wanted to do was be able to race. Now that I have my chance, I’m going as hard as I can to scrape up any and all money that is thrown my way by businesses. The cost of racing is a lot more than meets the eye. A driver has to have the proper safety equipment such as a firesuit, helmet, head and neck restraint devices, and other things that keep him safe, but cost a pretty penny. After all the safety equipment comes things for the car itself, such as engines, tires, fuel, body work, and of course the stickers or vinyl that are put on the car to make it look good. All in all, I have set my mind on racing this summer and any businesses that are willing to sponsor me, I will gladly put their investment to use and represent them well because of how hard it is to find people that will help out a local racer in these tough times.