Baseball team awaits season opener with goal of reaching JUCO world series


The Seward baseball team swings into the 2014 season with a common goal of reaching the College World Series in Grand Junction, Colo., and a common concern that Garden City Community College may give them some serious competition in the Jayhawk West.

Assistant Coach Mike Davidson said he has three main goals when it comes to the baseball team, which are to win a conference championship, advance and win region, and go to Grand Junction, Colo. Coach Davidson feels that the baseball team is an interesting club with an opportunity to win if things go right.

The team will start its season Sunday, Feb. 2, when the Saints will take on McCook, Neb., on the Saints home field at 2 p.m. to begin their journey to achieve their goals.

Position players to watch for include, Brent Williams a transfer from Oklahoma State, Kevin Connolly a transfer from Notre Dame, and Bryson Allen who recieved freshman player of the year.

Coach Davidson explained that Brent Williams, a transfer from Oklahoma State, has made a big impression with all the tools that he brings for the team and the game. Along with how much he has improved and how well his fall season went.

Coach Davidson expressed his excitement for the season to get started and more people to come out and watch the games.

Coach Davidson explained that within the conference, the team can expect Garden City to be a tough match up and that the rivalry between the two teams will remain. He also included that Hutchinson would be an interesting match up because they had a interesting team last year, but just couldn’t get it together.

Josh Sanders, a freshman from Mainsfield, Texas, explains that fans can expect to see his desire to win and his willingness to do whatever it takes to succeed.

One of Sanders’ personal goals is to also make it to Grand Junction, Colo.

Coach Davidson metioned a few pitchers to watch for, one being Austin King, a returning freshman, along with Pete Macke, Chris Juracek, and Nolan McCutcheon.

Sanders explained that all the pitchers are solid and that it would be too hard to pick just a few to highlight. He explained that when watching for specific players to just watch everyone from fielders to hitters.

Sanders mentioned that some top hitters would include Bryson Allen and Kevin Connolly.

J.B. Olson, a freshman for Plano, Texas, says that we can expect to see his team commitment, hard work, and a lot of wins.

Olson explained that Kevin Connolly would be a player to watch. He also agrees with Coach Davidson and Sanders that Garden City will be a tough match-up.

Olsons goal is to support his team and do his best.

He agreed with Coach Davidson on the pitchers to watch for, but Olson also wanted to add Thomas Garland. He also agreed with Sanders on the hitters to watch for, but also wanted to add Brent Williams.

Alex White is the player that Olson said had impressed him the most. Olson added to come out and support the team.