Gonzalez sets racket on competition ahead

Alejandro Gonzalez is a freshman from San Salvador, El Salvador, and will be representing Seward at the national championship. He grew up in El Salvador playing tennis for most of his life. This is now his ninth year playing tennis. Yet playing tennis is not the only thing he enjoys. Gonzalez also enjoys other hobbies. For example, he enjoys playing other sports like soccer. He also likes video games and going horseback riding. But to be where he is now, in the ITA National Championship, he has some people that were there to motivate him and push him to be here. “My mother, my ex-tennis coach, and my little brother,” said Gonzalez. “I [also] want to give thanks to my coach because of the big opportunity he gave [me] to be on his team [and] for being a part of it. My best wishes for all the nationals players [and] the best of luck.” The tennis team is currently coached by Jerry Thor. This is Thor’s second year coaching the tennis team. Right before a competition, Gonzalez takes time to prepare. Some of the things that Gonzalez likes to do before a big game are to just hydrate himself and to focus on the next match. Then he tries to relax and be calm. Gonzalez’s preparation has shown in his results. His current singles record for the fall season is 10-3. In doubles with Saurombe, their record is 11-1. Gonzalez concluded saying, “I am very glad to be part of this. I feel proud and [am] very happy for me and for my team.”

Alejandro Gonzalez Feature Picture