SCCC falls short during nail-biting championship game


Angel Meza

Sophomore Viviane Viana soars in the air to earn a kill against the Colby Trojans.

Angel Meza, Sports Editor

After defeating Pratt Community College in the first round of Region VI Tournament, the Lady Saints didn’t carry enough energy to finish out on top in the tournament.

The Lady Saints’ first match on Sunday afternoon was against Colby Community College in the semifinals. Since the beginning of the match, the crowd knew that Seward was going to defeat Colby.  The Lady Saints had the best energy throughout each set they played. From every dig to every kill, Seward owned everyone of them.

Sadly for Colby, they weren’t able to contribute. Colby attempted to keep up with the Lady Saints, but they kept falling short. Although Colby managed to put up a good fight, they didn’t come near the Lady Saints and lost the match with a 3-1 overall score.

Seward County then had to wait patiently to see who their upcoming competition was going to be. It was either going to be the Garden City Broncbusters or the Hutchinson Blue Dragons. Unfortunately for the Broncbusters, they got destroyed by the Blue Dragons.

Impatiently, everyone waited for the final matchup of the Lady Saints against the Blue Dragons. In the first set, the Lady Saints attempted to set the tone of the match, but the Blue Dragons fought back in every kill. In every play, the crowd seemed to get louder and louder. They would shout and yell loudly at the Blue Dragons, trying to distract them from gaining points. Unluckily for the Lady Saints, they fell short with a score of 23-25.

In set two, it began to look similar to the first set. The Lady Saints kept trying to gain some confidence and momentum to fight back but just couldn’t find it. That didn’t stop them from gaining points against Hutchinson. In the second set, the Blue Dragons had multiple errors, which the Lady Saints took advantage of to keep up with them. SCCC came close once again, but lost the second set with a score of 24-26.

The Lady Saints knew that if they lost the third set, it would end their season. They took an early lead, but every time they would gain a point, the Blue Dragons would creep up and gain their own points. Seward only held the lead before both teams hit double-digits. After that, Hutchinson took control of the rest of the set.

Towards the end of the third set, both teams would trade a point. The third set was nerve wrecking for not only the team, but for the crowd. Although the Lady Saints put up a good fight, they lost the Regional VI Tournament Championship game and got swept by Hutchinson, 28-30.