SCCC raises awareness for Suicide Awareness Month


SCCC is giving out yellow ribbons for Nation Suicide Awareness Month.

Michelle Mattich, Co-Editor

Everyone has bad days and for some, those bad days turn into bad weeks or even bad months It is okay. It happens to everyone. When sadness turns into depression, that is when things get hard. You are not alone, these feelings happen to everyone.

This month is Suicide Prevention Month and Seward County Community College is showing their support by wearing a yellow ribbon. They will be passed out on Wednesday, Sept. 12 during the Transfer Fair and are encouraged to be worn all month.

Dean of Students, Annette Hackbarth-Onson is giving out candy and prizes for Suicide Prevention. Hackbarth-Orth has an open door policy.

“If my door is open anyone is welcome to come in and talk,” Hackborth-Orth said.

If my door is open anyone is welcome to come in and talk.”

— Annette Hackbarth-Onson

Maria Munoz, LARC (Liberal Area and Rape Crisis center) Advocate on campus, is also available in her office in the Student Success Center.

“Our goal is to be here for the students and be there for them when they need support,” Munoz said.

According to, suicide rates in young adults between 15-24 have TRIPLED since the 1950’s. Men commit suicide four times as often as women, while women commit suicide three times as often as men. Common signs of suicidal ideation include: drastic measures in personality and loss of interest, hobbies, work or school.

“Not everyone wants to talk about suicide with someone they know, but I highly encourage students to call the Suicide Hotline. It is 100% confidential and they are available 24/7,” Hackbarth-Orth emphasized.

Help a loved one, a friend or even yourself. The National Suicide Prevention Hotline number is 1-800-273-8255. Talk to someone because you are never alone.