Sizzlin Jalapenos

SCCC students compete to see who can take the heat


Anastasia Smalldridge

Abby Lovato, Liberal education major, tries eating Jalapeños at the contest on Oct. 5.

Cindy Aguilar, Reporter

Jalapeño eating contests have been a staple to the Hispanic community for such a long time. Seward County Community College decided to bring the tradition to the campus during lunch on Oct 5.

Contestants were each given a plate of nine ounces of jalapeños. They were given one minute to finish their jalapeños. If no one finished on time then the winners will be decided on the weight of the plate. Each were given water and milk when they were done with their spicy lunch or until they quit.

This year there were seven contestants participating for the $100 first place prize. Second place was awarded with $75 and third place received $50.

All competitors fought hard to scarf down peppers in a short amount of time. Abby Lovato, education major from Liberal, was the only one out of the seven to call the quits after 30 seconds.

When asked why she decided to try the contest Lovato said, “It would be fun to try, I like getting involved on campus.” Lovato had successfully eaten only a couple of jalapeños before reaching for her cup of milk.

First place went to accounting major, Taylor Parker from Hooker, Oklahoma. Parker had signed up after discovering there were only a couple of students signed up beforehand.

“They weren’t really that hot,” Parker said after jumping from her seat to indicate she had won, “I’m glad I got $100!”

“Can I have more milk?!” Computer information science major, Noel Caro from Satanta shouted after hurrying to finish both his water and milk.

Caro came in a close second place after Parker. While all competitors were aiming for the $100, Caro said “all that spice was worth the $75.”

Third place machining major, Judsen Casey, is a major fan of the heat. When asked how he felt about third place Casey said, “They were decent… they weren’t too spicy. I’ve had way hotter!”

Casey and Caro had a very close call after Parker therefore their places were determined by whichever plate had the less weight leftover.

Jalapeno eating contest once again brings some spice to SCCC and an opportunity for students to test their taste buds limit.