Do you know what Mental Health is?

Michelle Mattich is the managing editor for the Spring 2019 semester.

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Suicide is the third leading cause of death in young adults ages 18-24. Sadly, not enough people speak up and seek help.

We all know how to share our feelings with friends, family, or any other person we trust. But how do we talk about our feelings when they become bigger than ourselves?

You know the drill: Simple stress becomes fear and soon you can barely breathe. Everything around you starts to become overwhelming. Maybe you lose interest in activities that you normally enjoy. You see yourself eating more or barely eating at all. The days seem longer or shorter and all you want to do is stay in bed.

Two of the most common mental health problems affecting students are anxiety and depression. The American Psychological Association asked counseling center directors about their students and 95 percent of directors said that students with psychological problems are a growing concern on campus.

The subject is hard to talk about enough as it is. Coming from a Hispanic family myself, mental health is one of those things that just isn’t talked about. The subject is hard to talk about in most families.

It is important to speak out and address any issues you may have. Sadly, many don’t seek help. confirmed that 40 percent of students fail to report any signs or symptoms they might have regarding their mental health.

When depression and anxiety aren’t dealt with properly, things can change for the worse. Depression can turn to suicidal thoughts and actions and in extreme cases, some are successful. Suicide is the third leading cause of death in young adults ages 18-24. No one should feel so low that ending their life is an option.

It’s easy for me to write this column and give you stats and say, ‘hey go talk to someone.’ But, depression and anxiety are different to each individual and I can’t give you a solution because there isn’t one. But I can say that you’re not alone, there are people out there who feel this way and there is a way out. Never feel like you can’t go through this.

Some days are unbearable and some just make you want to stay in bed but one thing you can never lose, is hope.