Saints gain another victory


Anastasia Smalldridge

The Seward Saints are No. 13 in the nation with a record of 24-5 overall but 17-3 in the Jayhawk conference. (file photo)

Michelle Mattich, managing editor

Blood, sweat, three-pointers and steals were the name of the game for the Saints over the holiday weekend. First, the No. 18 Seward team beat Dodge City, 88-79 on Jan. 19. The Second showdown came in a hard fought battle against Neosho, Jan. 21. Saints won 66-59.

Saturday’s game against Dodge City began almost immediately with tension in the air. The game started quick and swift. The first dunk was led by sophomore forward, Isaiah Small, who started the victory streak for the Saints. Dodge City was slowly creeping up the scoreboard as momentum picked up and both teams raced up and down.

Before the end of the first period, a Conquistador got ejected from the game, fouls for both teams reached in the double digits. By half time, everyone had been dragged through the wringer, not just the players.

“Our effort in the second half was better,” head coach, Jason Sautter, said.

“We put our guards down, we had some mistakes but in the end, we came together,” Devin Bethely, guard, said. 

The game once again picked up its pace as sophomore guard, Montrevion Flowers leads the game with 23 points. The crowd roared as Saints took the lead yet once again while the Conquistadors fell behind which caused for them to call for a time out.

As the second period closed, the Saints led a strong defense with five minutes left. Dodge city once again slowly gained points but it wasn’t enough to defeat Saints in the greenhouse.

On Jan 21 Seward Saints also played the Neosho County Panthers. Saints won with a close game of 66-59 which makes them first place in the Jayhawk Conference since 2010-11.

Catch the No.18 ranked team in the country, Seward County Saints play Colby Community College on Jan 23 in Colby.