Scary movies that will give you goosebumps

Michelle Mattich, Managing Editor

It’s been quite a trend that every new horror movie that comes out it dubbed “the scariest movie yet” but that’s not always true. Scary movies play with your comfort zone, they’re known to psychologically play with your fight or flight instinct. These 25 thrillers not only play with our most basic human emotions, the subject matter makes you really question who is to be really feared.


1. Would you rather?

What would you do for the chance to win 5 million dollars? This movie proves that anything is possible.


2. Bedeviled

Ever thought an app could haunt and kill you? Yeah, it can happen, watch what you download.


3. The Terrifier

What’s more terrifying than a clown that doesn’t talk? One with an ax and likes to eat your face.


4. Veronica

A teenage girl and a ouija board, what could go wrong? A whole lot of things like a demon in your house for starters.

5. 6 souls

A psychologist works with a guy claiming to have multiple personalities but what happens when those personalities are souls of other people he’s killed?


6. The Lazarus effect

The rule is simple, never ever try to play God. what’s dead needs to stay dead.


7. Truth or dare

A simple party game turns into a life or death situation for a group of teenagers.


8. Romina

You know how they say it’s always the quiet ones. This movie proves that it’s exactly the case and instead of a kinky side they just love to murder.


9. The lodgers

Twins with a family secret. While one wants to escape the other is determined to follow the family tradition, an unusual one at that.


10. Apostle

A girl is kidnapped by a cult and her brother is determined to find her, but at what cost is he willing to go to save her and the pretty redhead?


11. Satanic

What’s worse than picking up a hitchhiker? One that gave her life to Satan and has given you to him as an offering.


12. Mexico Barbaro

6 chilling horror stories from Mexican directors. I advise to not eat anything while watching.


13. Clown

All a father wanted was a clown at his son’s birthday party, he didn’t want to become a killer one in the process.


14. Raw

Growing up vegan is not all that bad especially when you want to help animals in need. This girl challenges the norms by craving human blood, it runs in the family.


15. 1922

Based on the Stephen King classic tale, a man just loves the country life. Not the city one and he will stop at nothing to have it even if it means killing his wife.


16. Circle

If only one could live out of 100 people. Who would you choose? Would you save the child or the pregnant woman? Yourself or the young girl? Choices must be made.


17. Berlin syndrome

A fresh start was needed, meeting a guy was just an extra, being his captive was not part of it.


18. Let’s be evil

A girl took a job helping genius kids learn, but little did she learn she was the subject they were studying.


19. As above so below

A girl set on finding the answers to Alchemy and instead finds the gates of hell. What could go wrong?