SIFE wins regional competition

SIFE won the Regional competition in Denver, Colo., March 15-18, and will be heading to Philadelphia, Pa., for the national competition. Club members said there were a lot of reasons why the Seward County SIFE club stood out above the rest, but there were two big reasons apart from the rest. “We were more creative,” Jessica Gokey, SIFE president, said of the group. “We had an amazing annual report,” Layne Greeson said. “The fact that we were nervous I think helped to make us get everything right.” Kassandra Cole, the SIFE secretary, presented the Business Ethics criteria. “I was nervous,” Cole said. “We all wanted to do good, and it was our first time in front of judges.” The club members learned some things from the regional competition that they hope will help them on the n ational level. “The judges had a lot of good questions,” Greesen said. “They will help our scores at nationals because we know what to work on.” Though the group of students were inexperienced, Gokey is confident that their regional experience will play a major factor in their performance at nationals. SIFE is hard at work getting things prepared for the national competition May 9-13 in Philadelphia. “Everything is the same,” Gokey said. “We’ll just have different judges.” Greeson sizes up the national competion. “We will be up against the best,” Greeson added. One thing that seems certain is that the members of SIFE are determined to make this the best year that they have ever had in the organization, and they are well on their way to achieving that goal.