A Player’s View: How fans can support the volleyball team

Volleyball is an emotional and entertaining sport. The whole team has to fight for each point and every point is important. The quality of play of an experienced team becomes stronger with volume. Loudness, constant conversation and communication on the court keeps players excited, so a successful team also needs their fans. The players love it when they see that their fans are showing that they are proud of their team. Players like it when fans wear clothes with the initials and logos of the team. An intense volleyball match is a great party. Players on the court and fans in the gym celebrate each little success. This also improves the intensity of the game, but not just for the players, also for the viewers. In conclusion one can say that everybody benefits from this cooperation, not only the players but also their fans. So it is worthwhile to attend a match on Wednesdays or Saturdays in the Green House for a great show. Go Lady Saints!