Reverie Roasters comes to SCCC


Michelle Mattich

Reverie Roasters has come to Louie’s place. Three of their signature flavors are available.

Michelle Mattich, Managing Editor

Reverie Roasters, a coffee house and bakery located in Wichita, have recently brought three of their unique coffee flavors to Seward County Community College. Being a coffee enthusiast myself, I decided to give these three coffees a try and see what they were about.

The first coffee is called “Nameless” which has a zesty flavor. It got its name from constant experimentation. It’s noted that the coffee includes blueberry, toffee, and lemon custard flavoring. It is a Guatemala Huehuetenango blend, a specific blend of coffee from Guatemala.

This was a strange taste to go with a coffee blend so I was hesitant at first, but after a couple of sips, I couldn’t taste any of the flavors described. To be honest, it tasted like burnt coffee. I was a bit disappointed to just get a taste of regular coffee. I expected more since it has some combo flavors.

The second coffee has a funny name. This one is called “Boneshaker.” This espresso blend is from Guatemala Rio Ocho. The taste notes to keep in mind are 70 percent dark chocolate, red apple, and candied citrus. It is “named after the first racing bicycle, it’s sure to get your bones shaking and your mind racing.”

This coffee, however, is something else. I could not tell from even a couple of sips that this is an expresso. I normally like my expressos bitter and bold but this expresso had a tangy flavor. I have never tasted an expresso so tangy before, it was different but not my favorite. I don’t know if that tanginess came from the mixture of citrus and apple but it sure raised an eyebrow. It’s not something I would get again.

The third and final flavor to try is “The Pope’s Choice”.

On the Reveries website it explains, “In the year 1600 Pope Clement VIII, against the will of his advisors and peers, blessed coffee and encouraged its consumption.” I applaud the pope for encouraging coffee as most people would. This coffee is the best of the three. The tasting notes say that this coffee includes milk chocolate, toasted almond, and red grape as flavorings.

A consistent tanginess stayed present throughout all three coffees I tried but this one was the most bearable. It still had enough coffee flavoring so that I could continuously sip and eventually put into the back of my throat. It has a great eye-catching name but I can’t say the same for the taste.

Overall, introducing new coffee flavors is a bold step for SCCC but hopefully, with more experimentation, there can be upgrades made to these flavors and they could turn out to be something great. At the moment, I can say they aren’t my favorite. Out of five stars, I will give Reverie Roasters a three out of five.