The bird spreads the word

Twitter has quickly become one of the easiest methods of letting your friends and family know what you are doing. However if the only time you send tweets is when you are sitting at your computer then it really puts a limit on the amount of interesting things that you could be doing. That is exactly why Twitter is so handy. You can take it almost anywhere you go and update your status on the fly. The web is the most straight forward and simple way to update your page and it can be done at For users that tend to be on the go however there are many different ways that you can access your Twitter page. will allow you to access the Twitter page if your mobile phone is capable of internet access. If you can’t connect to the internet with your phone you can simply text your tweets to 40404 and Twitter will update your page automatically. Don’t want to use up time on your internet or waste your SMS messages? If your phone is Java enabled you can download an application at that will enable you to update your page. If you own a mobile phone from the upper echelon of producers then there are even applications created directly for you. If you’ve got an iPhone you can get an application at or if you are a fan of Blackberrys then you can get one at If you feel like you need one more program to let people know how cool and trendy you are for owning a Mac then you can head over to and get your own app. If you are still clenching on to your Facebook page because of the 300 photo albums you have uploaded you can even add your pictures to Twitter at