Arredondo recognized as Microsoft certified


Michelle Mattich

Instead of taking the final in Intro to Computers, Cassandra Arredondo took up her instructors challenge and passed four certification tests for Microsoft. The freshman education major said the class was given the choice of passing all of the certifications as their final or giving a presentation to the class.

Michelle Mattich, Managing Editor

To be a certified Microsoft specialist one needs to pass four exams on Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, and Powerpoint. This certification shows that the individual knows how to run these programs. Each exam takes 50 minutes to complete and for freshman education major Cassandra Arredondo, it was everything but easy.

“In my intro to computer class, my teacher said if we took the exams then we wouldn’t have to take his final which is a presentation. I am really shy so I would rather take these test than talk to people,” Arredondo said.

These exams are offered by the Kansas Board of regents and are free to SCCC students. Ed Hall, computer information instructor at SCCC, explained the reason for the tests.

“What I do for the intro class is I have them take the tests so they don’t have to take the final. Once a student is certified they can put it on their resume and or cover letter. It really benefits them to have it,” Hall said.

I feel accomplished because I did something like this my first year of college

— Cassandra Arredondo

In order to prepare for the test, it took a lot of patience.

“I had to watch a lot of videos that give you similar questions like on the exams. Then when I am ready, I take the exam. Each project has about three to seven questions,” Arredondo said.

The test is also available for students to take several times until they pass.

“I didn’t pass the first time except for the excel exam, but I retook them and passed,” Arredondo said.

The certification does not expire and it is given for life.

“I’ve only had two students in the past complete all four exams, I wish more students would take part in this opportunity,” Hall said.

Arredondo also sees this certification as a way to advance in the workforce in the future.

“I feel accomplished because I did something like this my first year of college, I want employers to see what I did and I encourage others to do the same. They can put it on their resumes and make a better impression. It should come in handy in the office”.

These exams are part of the introduction to computer class. If interested, please contact Ed Hall at [email protected]