Parking drives lots of chaos

Class starts in minutes, your eyes scan the parking lot for a vacant space; however, you see none in sight. You go towards the next parking lot—no space there either. Now what? You call your friend; panicking, saying, there is absolutely NO place to park. Your friend asks if all spots by the academic building are taken, “Yes,” Well what about the spots by the humanities building? “YES”, you say exasperated. Have you checked by the student union? To your dismay you have yet to find a parking space, you are about to give up when they ask: What about by the cosmetology side? You go around towards the cosmetology side of campus, and to your salvation—there are parking spaces! Now you just need to get to class on time. This is happening this year, more notably than before, because of the increase in number of students enrolled for this academic year. An increase in students means an increase in the amount of vehicles being driven to the college. With all the students coming on campus, it seems as though parking spaces are diminishing. Other than trying to arrive early in order to ensure a parking space, another option is carpooling with friends with similar schedules. If not, simply parking in a different area on campus can help. There are few areas that are restricted, most being quite obvious; such as, handicapped, motorcycle, and other specific areas. But finding a space shouldn’t be too complicated. At least we don’t have to buy parking passes, which is quite a privilege. Keep in mind that just because you didn’t park in the front row, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all other options are out. Other areas are available, so next time you are unable to find a parking space, keep cool and don’t panic.