Ask Crusader: How do I find the strength to keep going?


Crusader Staff

Dear Crusader, I don’t understand any of my science classes. What do I do? I’m at the point where I want to drop out and maybe say the college life isn’t for me. 

Dear Science Struggler, 

Do you ask questions in class? I know speaking up in class can be nerve wracking, but your professors want to help when you are confused. I know you may feel lost during class and when you work on assignments, but there are many people on campus that can help. Other than receiving help from your professor, you can also check out the Math Center in the library. There are student tutors that help one-on-one with science. The Student Success Center can also provide emotional assistance. The Math Center and the Student Success Center are open from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. 

Before you decide to drop out, reach out for help first. College is going to be rough, but so will life. You can do it! You aren’t alone. There are many helpful people on campus and all around you, so reach out, be aware of available resources and don’t give up. Your education is a great investment towards your future.

Check out more resources on campus at and 


Dear Crusader, I’m tired and I have homework. Help me choose.

Dear Tired,

As a college student myself, I struggle with lack of sleep and getting homework done, too. One thing to remember is that sleep is very important. Get some decent amount of sleep, which is at least eight hours. During the day, work on homework that is easier to do. Then once you have that down, catch a break for about 10 to 30 mins to rest your mind and ease the stress…unless you are me, then take about an hour. After that, you can get back to doing projects or essays.

Best of luck and like I said, sleep is very important. So if you weren’t able to sleep, take power naps before classes……and coffee. Coffee is important, too.


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